About Me

During a long career in corporate planning and performance management in the UK public sector I gained many years' experience of facilitating individuals and teams at all levels to achieve results and effective outcomes.   

In 2012 I decided to take a new career direction as a personal performance coach. I founded Rockhopper Coaching to provide coaching services for people wanting to make changes or improvements in their personal or professional lives. 

I have always been a results-driven individual and someone who is able to see the big picture whilst also identifying the practical steps needed to make things happen. A key strength is as a communicator and facilitator – seeking clarity of purpose and supporting organisations and teams to identify and articulate their objectives.  

Coaching provides the ideal opportunity for me to apply these skills at a much more personal level, by helping my clients to gain the clarity, direction and positive outcomes they seek. It is a privilege to work with my clients to enable them move forward and make the changes they want in their lives and careers.

Why Rockhopper Coaching?

Coaching is all about unlocking people’s potential, helping them solve problems, grow and develop, and achieve things they may not have thought possible.

When looking for my company name, I took my inspiration from nature. The Rockhopper Penguin is a type of penguin that has developed a unique skill: it can hop!!

These feisty and endearing creatures can hop across crevices and up rocky cliffs to make their way to their breeding grounds.

“Rockhopper” epitomises the determination to get to where you want to go, by overcoming obstacles and creatively finding new ways.

I hope it also gives a sense of excitement, challenge, and the freedom to be yourself!

I am a qualified Personal Performance Coach (Diploma - The Coaching Academy) and Licensed Career Coach (FireworkTM Career Change programme).

As a professional coach I follow the code of ethics defined by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council Please Read 

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I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Carri who managed to get me to really think about my actions and why I respond in the way I do. It was liberating to be able to discuss my innermost thoughts without fear of judgement and I enjoyed the process of coming up with as many options as possible before committing to action.

Ms SH, Wrexham

I felt very safe and comfortable discussing my life with Carri. I found her feedback positive and encouraging and she challenged my negative thinking in a friendly way. I enjoyed my coaching sessions with Carri and always felt optimistic afterwards.

Ms HJ, York

Carri is an excellent communicator, instilling trust and confidence. It really helped that she explained coaching fully so I knew what the purpose of the sessions was and felt an equal partner in the process from the word go.

Ms JH, Leeds

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