Hi, I'm Carri Jovanovic, Personal Performance and Career Coach at Rockhopper Coaching. Thank you for visiting my website.

  • Are you looking for a fresh challenge? Thinking about some new goals, or entering a new stage in life?
  • Are you dissatisfied at work and want to change your job or even career, but don’t know what the right move is for you?
  • Perhaps you feel unfulfilled and want more out of life, but lack the confidence or clarity to move forward?

If you said “yes” to any of these, a course of personal or career coaching may be the answer you are looking for. Whether in your professional or personal life, coaching offers you the chance to explore new possibilities and achieve your goals more quickly and effectively than you could do by yourself. 

At Rockhopper Coaching I provide coaching services for people wanting to make changes or improvements in their personal or professional lives.

Read on to find out how I can help you with your personal and career goals.




If you want to make changes or improvements in your personal or professional life, but need some extra support to get to where you want to be, coaching can help.

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Are you bored, feeling stuck, unfulfilled at work? Are you looking for a complete change of career?

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